In samenwerking met andere schrijvers

The Round Sultan and the Straight Answer (1970) B.K Walker
The Little Spotted Fish (1975) J. Yolen
Space Cats (1979) S. Kroll
The Terrible Tales of Happy Days School (1983) L.Duncan
The Tale of Caliph Stork (1989) L. Hort
The Tsar and The Amazing Cow (1989) P. Lewis
Pig and Bear / Varken en Beer (1989) V. Horejs
Pedro and the Padre (1990) V. Aardema
Why Not? / Waarom Niet? (1991) S.A. Hofsepian
The Future of Yen-Tzu (1992) W. Morris
Cynthia and the Runaway Gazebo (1992) E. Marston
The Mouse Who Owned the Sun (1993) S. Derby
The Last Snow of Winter (1993) T. Johnston
Sophie the Circus Princess (1995) S. Claesson